Rabu, 4 November 2009

The interview

The other day, I was called for an interview. There were a few problems along the way. I noticed the email the night before the day of the interview. And it so happened that the time that he had set clashed with my exam. And I had to get it rescheduled, but it was to be done on that very same day as the interviews had to be done by that week, and that day was already Friday.

And the email was sent that very morning, and I had to rushed to change my clothes into a more formal one, as I had an exam to attend in about half an hour time!. Anyway, everything went well, alhamdulillah.

The night before, it occurred to me, would wearing a tudung be a disadvantage to me? What more, I'm applying to work with an Australian company.. they might prefer others over me just because I'm a muslim. Funny, it's the first time I ever thought about this thing seriously. Such issue has been raised many times before this. About how people could change the way they dress up just because they fear they might not be able to pass the interview due to their image. Anyway, though I thought about it, it came back to me that even so, it's not like I have any other choices. It's not like I'm allowed to take my tudung off just for that interview. So, as immediate as the thought came to mind, it disappeared. Plus, I had my exams to think about!.

Anyway, on the day, I had 2 exams. And after that, I had to set off to their office for the interview. Boy, what a tiring day that was!

At the office, the interviewer ran a bit late. He was kind of busy with something. While waiting, I read through some magazines on the table. Interesting ones, I tell you! ;) Anyway, while waiting, another thought came to mind. If he offered a hand shake, should I shake hands or should I be firm with my stand to not shake hands with males? I manage to do it in previous important events, such as during the Dean's List award (refusing to shake hand with the Dean) and during the Golden Key Membership Event (this time with the VC). What about someone who will decide if I get the job or not? Hurm... tough one! Anyway, let's stick to the original and not shake hands, yeah?

Once he was able to see me, as expected, he offered a hand shake. I put my hand at me chest and gave a small head bow, and said, 'sorry, I can't shake hands with you'. At first, he didn't get it. But after repeating it a few times, he got what I meant and apologized, and went off to settle a few other stuffs before he can interview me. Once he went away, the office manager, a lady, asked me..'so, you can't shake hands with people?'.. 'Oh, it's only with guys..I can shake hands with girls'.. 'Owh..yeah, right. Of course, you wouldn't want to hold their hands. Yes, that is how it should really be like..'.. she replied, smiling.
huhu... =)

The interview went well, alhamdulillah. Allah helped a lot.

Once after the interview, I had to meet the CEO. But he was busy with something at that moment. So, the interviewer brought me to meet everyone else in the company. Everyone else were guys, I tell you! And everyone offered a hand shake. And again and again, i repeated the same action. Putting my hand to my chest, gave a small head bow with a big smile on my face plus an apology. Everyone acted differently, and it was funny seeing that. There was once when I met two guys at one time, and after rejecting them, they ended up shaking each others hand instead (since they had already offered their hands).. huhu~

Alhamdulillah, Allah allowed me to hold fast to my believe and to really implement it. Since I've succeeded here, I really hope and can still maintain it once I return to Malaysia. Sometimes, these kind of things are a lot more complicated in your very own country. Seriously! For example, the time when I was to be given an award by Dato' Rais Yatim. And another time by Menteri Besar Pahang!. Can you actually say 'no', when at the same time all other female recipients did shake hands? I still remember how my teacher said to me to just 'anggap the menteri as an 'atok', and just SHAKE HIS HANDS!!'... I was like..errmm,atok?.....ok~

To some people, this is just a small thing. To me, it's actually not? If people can say, 'alah..apalah sangat, salam tangan je! Bukan ada masalah apa pun!'..then, here me say this: ' kalau macam tu, kalau benar takde apa sangat, maka tak perlu salam pun takpelah kan?'. Yelah, if takde masalah sangat, why make such a big fuss if people refuse, right?


Anyway, about the job, I'll tell you guys further if I'm guaranteed the position. As for now, let's just hope I get it. Do pray for me people! I'm really interested in what the job has to offer me. Plus, I could do with some extra pocket money. =)

This again is another issue. Benar kata orang, penantian itu satu penyiksaan. I'm checking my email everyday. Even on weekends. Sometimes three times a day! Hoping a positive reply from the company. As for now, no news yet. While I'm really hoping to get it, I have to also frequently remind myself to not put too high hopes on it. Just incase if it was not meant for me, then I wouldn't be so disappointed. I'm really trying hard at the moment to put total tawakal to Allah. I know, if He has fated that I will be working there, no matter what, I will. And if He has fated that it was not meant to be, no matter what, I won't be there. And if the latter is the case, it's because He has other plans for me. Better plans. Which I might not know of at the moment, but will one day know. And believing in such will prevent me from getting disappointed. And make me a better muslim; someone who totally belive in qada' and qadar, insya-Allah.

Overall, this has been a wonderful experience. Thank you Allah.

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