Sabtu, 31 Julai 2010

Read, read, read

I am so impressed by those who reads a lot of books. Some people that I know, the moment they get their hands on a new book, they will read through it and finish it straight away. And start looking for a new book.

I still remember, among my resolutions earlier this year was to read more books. And I did manage to do that, then. You can see the list of books I've read at the right hand margin of this blog. However, since I started working in April, I never seem to had the time to read a book.

But, I don't really think it's the time to blame. I do have time, but I tend to use those free times for other stuffs. So, maybe I can put the blame on the lack of interets to read?. But then, the intrest of buying new books is still there. Thus, eventually, my room gets filled up with new books, but are left unread. Even if I do read it, it stops after the first few pages.

But seriously, I really do want to read more books. I admit, through reading, you expand your knowledge. You step out from the darkness into the light. Your mind becomes more active and critical as you train it to think and analyse stuffs that you read. You get to open up a more beneficial and meaningful conversation with your friends as you have something better to talk about rather than just gossiping about people or blaming the wrong people based on the rumors that you've been hearing.

I remember I used to be a book worm once. That was when I was still a kid. Those days, Enid Blyton's books were my favourite. Everytime I bought a new book, I'd sit down and read it, and untill I've read the last word on the last page of the book, I will not stir. I miss those times, when I can get my head burried in books for ages and ages. But nowadays, when I open up to read a book, it doesn't take more than 3 paragraphs for my eyes to start closing. Am I really that tired working???

Sometimes I feel like wanting to take the public transport to work instead of driving. So that I can actually use the travelling time to read. But, having the KTM in my mind...nah! With the number of people that fills up each coach, I don't think it will work.

Sometimes I carry book with me in the car when I am the passenger. But I get dizzy too easily. So the book will just remain in my hands. And will return home, unread.

Sometime I bring books with me to the surau, so that I can read before Zohor. But, again, after the first paragraphs, the book will slip out of my hands and I'd be asleep.

Oh boy..oh boy! What do I do now? I feel so left behind. Or, in other words, 'bagaikan katak di bawah tempurung'. They also say that 'masyarakat yang berjaya adalah masyarakat yang membaca'. It's true, I know. What more, as a muslim, we have to be that successful nation. Thus, I have to read. And read. And read!

If you have any tips to share with me, on how I can start reading again..do share. If not, then pray that I can pick up the momentum and interest in reading again.

Sabtu, 17 Julai 2010


Ramadhan is coming in less than a month. Unfortunately, i'm still not feeling excited about it. *sigh*

Tahun ni, kena usahakan sendiri untuk menghidupkan Ramadhan.
Tahun ni, kena cari pengganti Rusden sebagai tempat menunaikan solat Terawikh.
Tahun ni, kena cari pengganti Beddoe sebagai tempat untuk bangun qiam tiap-tiap malam.
Tahun ni, kena cari kumpulan tadarus quran sendiri.
Tahun ni, saya bersendirian... :(

Saya risau, andaikata saya tidak berjaya menghayati Ramadhan sepenuhnya pada tahun ini.
Dan terasa sedih bila mengenangkan seandainya memang itu yang terjadi.

Apa jadi kalau kerja terlalu banyak, atau terlalu penat bekerja? Apakah sampai saya akan mengabaikan amalan-amalan seperti baca quran dan terawih? nau'zubillah... tidak mahu sampai ke tahap itu.

Maka the most that I can do now is to prepare for the worst case scenario. Dzatiah perlu dikuatkan kembali. Kena letakkan had minimum kepada amalan harian. Semangat tu perlu dicari.

Moga saya kuat.
Moga Ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna dari tahun sebelum ni.

Orang kata, bila perlu mujahadah, kemanisannya lebih dirasai, kan?
I hope.. biiznillah.