Khamis, 26 Januari 2012

Don't belong

It was like that time when I was still a kid. There was a bouncy castle, and the kids were divided into two groups: the big kids and the small kids. Two different teachers were in charge for each group. I joined the small kids group schedule to play on the bouncy castle. But after a few jumps, the teacher asked me to get down and join in the big kids session. So I sat aside, and waited for the big kids turn. When it was the big kids turn, I went on the bouncy castle again. But it wasn't long before the teacher for this session called me down and asked me to join the small kids session. I tried again, for the small kids session..but the teacher had set me aside from the very beginning, saying that she had already told me that I'm too big to join the small kids group.

I finally realized that I was just wasting my time; might as well go and play with other toys or get my face painted.

Never really did belong anywhere..

Is it good or bad?

Allah knows best.