Isnin, 30 Mei 2011

Perancangan Allah


Salam all,

Currently writing from Oman. Why is the title ‘Perancangan Allah’? Because I never ever thought or dream that I would one day put my feet in Oman. Yet, here I am, in a desert somewhere in Oman. And, as a muslim, I strongly believe that this has already been planned by Allah.

Also, before flying to Oman, I had two options. To take the Emirates and transit in Dubai, or take Oman Air and fly directly to Muscat. Many suggested for me to take the Emirates, as I would have the chance to at least see how Dubai is like. Not to forget, I would then be able to say that I have been in Dubai. However, not liking the fact that I will transit for four hours in Dubai (which wouldn’t be sufficient for me to go out and see Dubai anyway), I decided to take Oman Air. I thought, well, probably Allah has not planned for me to go to Dubai. And I wondered if I ever will have that chance.

However, just yesterday, the team geologists informed me that they wanted me to renew my visa so that I can extend my stay in Oman for another 2 weeks or so. In order for me to renew my Visa, I will have to go out to Dubai for 2 days before returning to Oman. Yes, WOW! 2 days is what I need to explore Dubai! huhu.. insya-Allah, only with Allah’s will, this will happen.

I had also previously set foot in Vietnam for four months. Another place which I never thought I’d go to in my life time. Yet, there I was, longer than initially planned. 

Who knows where else Allah has planned for me to travel to. However, no matter where, the most important thing out of all this journey is what you gain from it. Does each journey brings you closer to Allah? Does each journey allows you to reflect upon yourself, how you have lived your life and how you plan to live your life? Does each journey makes you an even better person when you return? If the answer is NO to the above questions, then, probably all the journey was just a waste of time. But if the answer is YES, well, good on ya! You deserve to travel a lot more.. heee~

To me, I’m trying hard so that the answer to the questions above is YES. Insya-Allah.

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nurilahi87 berkata...

salam my dear akhwat...kat oman ke skrg? well, i just finished reading a new book from hlovate..contengan jalanan..bila baca post awk yg ni, teru teringt buku itu and i think it will answer the questions you asked in the post.ni lg best dari versus..serius..=)

SiLenCeRnaChT berkata...

salam hanan.

wahhh, best nya! n lgi best klo dpt dgr cerita2 spanjng perjalan hanan tu. ^_^

-anan teh-

Panglima Kungfu berkata...

Jemput hadir ke Konferens Kebangkitan Khilafah 2011