Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Hijrah Menuju Allah

Hijrah Menuju Allah; a nasyid sung by Devotees. I've known about this song for a few years already. It is the background song for one of my friend's blog. It was the theme song for the juniors of 2009. And it is also in my nasyid playlists, so I do listen to it occasionally. However, the song has never been that significant to me.

Recently, I came across the lyrics of the nasyid as I was browsing through the internet. When I saw this lyrics, I decided to stop and read through it. And for the first time, the lyrics seemed so meaningful to me, that I felt like crying.

The song is about hijrah. To move from one state to a better state. And to do the hijrah, you have to be very determined.

Bulat niat tekadmu, dalam hijrah mu itu.

And when you have firmly make your decision to make that move, do not fear, as Allah will be with you along the journey.

Allah nanti kan bersama, tempuh jalan yang diredhai..

When you decide to Hijrah, you have to be clear, that the reason you are making this move is solely because of Allah. Because you seek for Allah's blessing. You seek for Allah's love. You seek for Allah's guidance. And you know, that the very same step has been taken by our beloved prophet, Muhammad s.a.w, and his fellow companions, the tabi' and the tabii'ns. All of them, doing it solely for the same purpose; that is to seek for Allah's blessing.

Hijrahmu menuju Allah,
ia sunnah para nabi,
para salihin dan muttaqin,
kembara hati menuju Illahi..

Along the journey, you will face many trials and tribulations. It won't be easy. It never is, saying goodbye to our comfort zone. Saying goodbye to something or someone we dearly love. Saying No! to our lusts and jahiliyah. But we know we have to make the move for the better. Because our purpose of life is Allah. And during the journey, we will miss these things so much. Our heart will be broken to pieces remembering what we have finally decided to leave behind because these things have been a major part of our life before. Regrets and evil whispers starts taking over ourselves that we may at times stop in the middle of the journey and start thinking about turning back. We don't feel like we have the strength to carry on. But dears, when you feel all hopeless and weak, remember, you still have Him. Plead Him for the strength to remain steadfast and to move on.

Andai rasa diri lemah,
diperjalanan hijrahmu
sendirian, tanpa mampu
Mohonlah pada Tuhanmu..

The journey is difficult. The journey is tough. This journey does not promises you red carpets with red roses petals. But always remember, this journey is for Allah. And Allah has promised, that for those who fight for His course, He will give you the best ever reward.. His Paradise.

Hijrah ini memang susah
Hijrah ini memang payah
Hijrah ini menuju Allah
di hujungnya..hasanah

stay strong girl.. hidup ini satu perjuangan

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