Jumaat, 20 April 2007

mountains and plate tectonics

As u guys would know, i am a geoscience student. As a geoscience students, plate tectonics which is the movement of the plates is a basic knowledge that i should know. The video below shows u of exactly what i am learning in class, but this tyme, the quran versus related to what has been discovered are also stated.. happy watching

among the most significant points in this video is how gunung ganang telah dijadikan sbg pacak, n also pasal pergerakan plat2 bumi yg dahulunyer dikenali sbg gondwana or act a very big massive continent, tapi as time passes by, gondwana terpisah menjadi benua2 seperti yg ader skrg. dua2 point ni ader dier letakkan quranic versus yg berkaitan. SUBHANALLAH..

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