Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

Of Palestine

Recently, a new club called 'Students for Palestine' was formed in uni, and ever since, they have actively been organizing activities in order to raise awareness among students on the issue of Palestine. Among the activities that have been conducted includes Palestine Solidarity Week (which I somehow missed), Screen shows and talks. I somehow appreciate the effort that they are putting in to raise the awareness among ignorant people. Yet, something is really worrying me.

It's the talks that they conduct.

As for now, they have organized 2 talks. One presented by Anthony and the other by Haneen. I forgot who Anthony was (i.e. what his job is), but he's from Sydney and does conduct a lot of presentations on Palestine. Haneen, who just gave her talk this evening, is a member of the Isreali Parliament who fights for equality of the Palestinian people in the so-called 'Israeli state'.

What about these talks? Well, it is just that, while these people are fighting for the Palestinians right and freedom, they are proposing the wrong solutions. Anthony, for example supports peace in Palestine. However, his solution (in summary) was to get Hamas to sit down and negotiate with the Israeli government so that peace can be achieved.
Haneen, on the other hand supports for a 2 democratic states as the best solution. According to her, the Palestinians acknowledge the jews being where they currently are, but they will have to change their citizenship criteria, give equal rights to the Palestinians (who will know be called 'Israelian-Arabs') who live within their area and to practice real democracy. The Palestinians will not get rid of the Jews, but want to live together with the jews. But they must have the same rights to everything.

Based simply on rational thinking, anyone would support that sitting down together and making an agreement is the only way to gain peace. However, this issue is not simply about rational thinking. You have to include history. History has showed us how Israeli people are dishonest people. How many times have they been the one offering a treaty, yet they are the one to break it? MANY TIMES, OK! And if you read the Quran, how many Israeli stories has Allah reveals? Again, MANY!! And the Hamas people, being smart enough to learn from the past history knows that sitting down with the Israeli government for a so-called 'peace treaty' will NEVER EVER WORK!

Another thing that every Muslim must have in mind is that, Palestine is OURS. No matter what, we CAN NOT compromise OUR state, and we could never give it away to the Jews. PALESTINE IS OURS and we MUST fight for it, even till our very last breath. Even a hadith by the Prophet p.b.u.h. states that there will always be a group of people (Muslims) who will fight for Palestine and NOTHING can ever stop them.

This evening, a guy named Hamzah asked a question to Haneen. He said (in my version), well, you are a Palestinian yourself. But why are you supporting such theory? Shouldn't you be claiming back your lland? And Haneen, suprisingly enough for me, replied, it is because we have been defeated. And that is history. We can't change history.
I'm like...Excuse me!!!!!! History has proven that every time we were defeated, we have managed to rise back up again and reclaimed our land! Were we not defeated after Palestine was opened during the time of Khalifa Umar's ruling? And had not Salehuddin Al-Ayubbi reclaimed Palestine again afterwards???? Did we not conquer Constantinople? And Rome? And Persia? And Turkey? And 2/3 of the world???? So what is it that make you say that we can't change history????!!!! (Sorry..being a bit emo here)

A muslim also believe that only with Islam can peace be achieved. Hence, we have to conquer Palestine, and implement the true ruling of Islam. This does not mean that once Islam takes control of Palestine, all the Jews will be demolished from the land. No. History itself has shown how people had lived in peace and prosperity when Islam rules. Hence, if you really want peace in Palestine, and the whole world..then fight for Islam to rule it!!

Back to my main concern, what I really worry from these talk, is to see so many muslims in there. My worry is because I do not know what they know and what they want to know. My worry is that if they are there to learn more about Palestine, to find a stand on the Palestinian issue and to find out how they can support the Palestinian people, then they have been given the wrong solutions. But if only I know that they understand the actual position of Palestine in the heart of a Muslim, and know what a Muslim stand should be on the issue, and are there just for the sake of gaining more knowledge on opposing/optional views, and to know more on the current issues..then alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

In case you are among those who are searching for the real story of Palestine, and what our stand as a Muslim should be, I'd like to promote the Aman Palestine Road show this coming winter. Yes! Aman Palestine is coming to Australia! Hooray!!!

So stay tune!

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if i'm not mistaken, anthony is a jew who wrote the book title 'my israel qustions', if that the one that you might refer to.
funny that i couldn't understand the hamzah's question and the reply by haneen that day,hahaha i need to improve my listening skill more,to avoid any contamination of my mind,sob3