Jumaat, 8 Februari 2008

Have you ever...

have you ever seen a banana tree growing rambutans?

or..what about a coconut tree growing berries?

no, seriously...have you?
i haven't..not even once in my life...and i bet none of you have seen it either, have you?

have you ever wondered why? i mean, why don't banana trees grow rambutans? or why don't coconut trees grow berries? or any other weird combination you can ever think of..?

why is it that in all our lives, banana trees will only produce bananas, durian trees will only produce durians and so on and so forth?

did it ever occurred in your mind that everything seems to be following a certain rule? well, yeah..think about it..how come everything around us seems to be so organized?

you never see birds swimming in the sea when you go snorkeling.. and you never see fishes in a nest on top of a tree.. nor do you get elephant hopping around the same way a kangaroo does, as much as you never find a giraffe swinging from trees to trees? right?

its as if, they have all been told to do only what they are suppose to do, and not do what they aren't suppose to do..don't you think so??

okeyh..let us go through this together, one by one..

who created the birds and the trees??...Allah!
(yes, very good dears..give a pat on your shoulder..all of you..)

so, who do you suppose would have instructed these plants and animals to do only what they are suppose to do and not do what they aren't suppose to do?.....
Yes, of course...Allah!
(i'd better bring some sweets next time..you are all so clever..my..my..)

and Subhanallah..how obedient these creations of Allah are..

okeyh, lets go through another quiz..

who created us??
Yes, Allah!

And did Allah gave instructions to us to do what we are suppose to do, and not do what we aren't suppose to do? Just like with the plants and animals?? (except that the orders are different)
Yes, exactly!! He did give us such orders..
(if you have no idea what i'm talking about, go look it up in the Quran)

And..comparing ourselves to the plants and animals...do we follow the orders?? Are we as obedient as them??...

Something, for all of us who has been given by Allah a precious thing called 'akal', to ponder upon..

If somehow, our answer is no, i am not that obedient...or anything synonym to it, haven't we just put ourselves at a lower standard than plants and animals??

let us all think about it..think of who we have been all this while, through the many years that we had gone through in our lives...think about what we have done in the past..and think about the plans that we have made for our future...

have we done what Allah ask us to do?
And not do what Allah has forbidden us to do?


have we plan to do what Allah ask us to do?
And plan to not do what Allah has forbidden us to do?


i'm leaving this post up to here.. not gonna elaborate more on it just yet.. so that we can have time to 'muhasabah' ourselves ..insya-Allah..

May Allah give us the strength to improve ourselves in the future..insya-Allah..

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