Khamis, 17 Januari 2008

rumahku syurgaku??..NOT!!

i believe, one of mai's post triggered me to think about this (and write about it). mind you, i don't write that much.
so, since this is still fresh in my mind, and i feel like typing it down, i'd better do it fast before the mood fades away...REAL FAST!!

rumahku syurgaku..a 'pepatah' that i believe is very common among us.. malah, pernah ada kempen pun kan??(yer ker?)
anyway, if i was to have a classroom of children and ask those who agree with this term to raise up their hand, i believe, if not all, maybe 98% of them would have their hand up in the air.
Even if i was to get all of you to come together and ask you the same question, i still believe that the majority of you would also agree with the statement.
If i was asked the same question, i may have also put my hand up. But if you ask me now whether i agree with it or not, looking through another perspective, i may not.

and you may say.."you don't agree with the term 'rumahku syurgaku'?? what the??!!'

ok, here's my case..(oh..)
i have to agree that home, to me, is so 'heavenly'..full with happiness, laughter, kedamaian, ketenangan etc etc etc..you name it!
but maybe, home is just too 'heavenly' that we forget that the reality is, our home is not heaven!

Home is just too cosy for me, such that we tend to act as though we really are in heaven..ok, maybe not we..maybe its just me..and maybe to some of us too(i believe).

Act as though we really are in heaven?? what is that suppose to mean??!! -you may ask.

well yeah..-i will answer..

if you are in the real heaven..you know, the one that Allah has promised for all those that bear witness that there is no God but Him..and do good deeds for no other reasons than His blessing alone etc etc,
yes, that heaven..
if you are in the real heaven, you can do whatever you like (i believe). You dont have to worry about the world(it has been destroyed). you dont have to pray five times a day or pay zakat and sedeqah to the poor and needy (as there wont be any). You dont have to recite the holy quran if you dont want too..You dont have to preach to others and teach them about Allah, The Almighty (cos they already know it)..and you dont have to do all the other things that you are suppose to do to obtain Allahs blessing. Simply because you already have it, that's why you are in heaven.duh..

And since we tend to think that rumahku is syurgaku, without realising it, we tend to act as though we really are in heaven. okeyh..okeyh..not we..maybe it is just me!!

But it suprises me, (since i'm going through it right now)..how easy it is for me to do all sort of good deeds and ibadah, and all the hard work to get His blessing when i am far away from home,
but just too difficult, too lazy, too ignorant, too 'busy' to be bothered, to do all those stuffs when i am at home..
yeah, as though when i am away from home, i am away from 'heaven' hence i have to work hard for it, while when i am at home, i AM in 'heaven', hence i don't have to do those things anymore..

(Do you get what i'm saying??....no seriusly, do you get what i'm saying??)

ain't that a big big WHY??

the fact is, your home is not the real heaven, nor anything closer to it!! hence whether you are at home or away form home, as long as you are still in this world, you have to strive hard for the blessing of Allah.
You have to do all the good deeds for his blessing, you have to pray dengan sepenuh kekhusyukan, you have think about the world, you have to think for the sake of the ummah, you have to tell people of the Almighty Allah. you have to give sadaqah to the poor and needy and al those other stuffs on the list..


Because you are not in heaven!! No matter how heavenly your house and home is(they are different, you know), IT IS NOT HEAVEN!!

So for goodness sake (dear myself), act like it!!!

Come on man.. you can do it!!..it's not the time to rest yet..not until you 'return' to Him. You are not in heaven yet..nor are you guaranteed to be in it..(as you still don't know how you will die) nau'zubillah..

For the sake of Allah..and only Allah[fullstop]

So, before i finish, i would like to restate my stand that rumahku is NOT syurgaku! With that, i rest my case.

p/s: even so, on earth, there is no place like home..i mean it!!=)

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halfmoon berkata...

i know what u're sayin'! :p

Tanpa Nama berkata...

salam :) minta izin membaca dan memberi komen. Hehe. sy tak kenal awak pn, tp termasuk blog ni. Erm, i understand what you're saying on behalf of ur perspective, simply say you're attempting to express your points of view regarding that statement - rumahku syurgaku. But, i dont think it's a big deal with the phrase. I'd taken this phrase for my dormitory's slogan when I was in high school during hygienic campaign. It renders how appreciative and affectionate we are towards our dorm. Hence, we'll always take care of it. But in the islamic context I know, even if we're away from/in our home, we should obey Him no matter what. ;)

HbO berkata...

yeah..you got the point..
i know, when the slogan first came up, it was meant to be the way you said it.. nothing is wrong with the slogan though..i'm not fighting to ban it or anything..hehe

hopefully everyone get the msg like you did..its the way we act/behave when we are at home..

it is somehow related to this other issue: bila cuti sekolah jer, semua benda pun cuti..solat pun cuti, mengaji pun cuti etc etc.. why? because you are at home the whole day..no need to wake up early for school, or go to bed late to finish up ur homework etc..but no..it shouldnt be like that..

ur home is not syurga (read:the real syurga), the same goes with holiday..

makanya, kita perlu terus istiqomah dalam amalan kita, and that isnt as easy as it sounds, nor as easy as typing it down.. sedangkan nabi Muhammad s.a.w pun sampai beruban bila dapat ayat suruh beristiqomah..

but it is not impossible..

anyway, thanks for dropping by. may it brought you some benefit..insya-Allah