Khamis, 13 Disember 2007

A house on fire??

salam. i just finished reading this book entitled 'dakwah fardiah' by Mustafa Masyhur. A very good book, i would say.

There is this one anology that i find very interesting.

Put in my own words, doing da'wa is like waking up and warning people who are asleep in a burning house.

We (those who are awake and sees the fire) holds the responsibility to wake up those who are sound asleep in the house and warn them of the fire. Warning them of the fire is a complete waste of time if we do not wake them up in the first place. So we must wake them up first before warning them of the fire. In most cases, people would refuse to wake up since they are in the middle of an exciting dream and do not want to be disturbed from their beauty sleep. These people aren't really awake yet because if they are, they would see the fire and they themselves will run out of the burning house. Hence, until these people take such actions, do not trust them if they say they are awake.

Subhanallah, what a very convincing anology. To those doing da'wa out there, never give up. Remember, it is our responsibility to wake up and warn these sleeping people from the blazing fire.. Whatever challenges you face during the whole process that makes you demotivated, remember, these people are still unconcious, they are not fully awake yet.. don't blame them if they don't see the fire...just continue doing your part of the job, that is to wake these people up from their beauty sleep. If these people are awake, then they themselves will take actions.

Ingatlah, pertolongan Allah itu dekat. All the best.

2 ulasan:

~~NajLaa~~ berkata...

meaning sekeres2 batu pon,akan lekuk jugak bila air menitis di ats2nye hari.People who are sound asleep will definitely wake up once you've tried many times waking them up.Kalau dorang x bangun2 gak,maknenye tak tido tuh..dah qaalu innalillah..hehehehe...

HbO berkata...

yeah..most probably..innalillah..hehe

mungkin ada juga antara mereka ni yang buta, pekak dan tuli.. in the real case, bukan fizically, tapi hati batin mereka...
doalah moga kita tak tergolong dalam golongan ni.

another point, when doing da'wa, sometimes, some people are much harder to wake up compared to others, and according to that book, focus on those who are easier to be saved. you don't wanna waste your time waking up A who is fast asleep and hard to wake up, when B who is only half asleep is left to be burned right?

so, the point is, need to be wise in making priority.